Anisha Padukone On Sister Deepika's Battle With Depression: There Were Times When I Felt Helpless

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In an interview shared by News 18, Anisha Padukone opened up about Deepika Padukone's battle against depression and how it affected the actress' family too, in the process. Anisha, who jointly functions Deepika's founded organisation, The Live Love Laugh Foundation (TLLLF), spoke about the stigma of mental health in the society and the importance of spreading awareness on the same as she divulged more on Deepika's struggles. Anisha stated how difficult it was for the family and her as she did not have enough knowledge about mental health and what Deepika was going through.

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On the same, Anisha stated, "Honestly, it was difficult for me as I had very little idea about mental illness and the role of a caregiver. Coping with mental illness affects both the individuals and members of their immediate family. There was not much information available where I could learn and equip myself to be of help. There were times when I felt helpless. Fortunately for us, my mother noticed something was wrong. We then approached a counsellor who is also a very close family friend and things worked out."

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Anisha also attributed the lack of awareness as the primary cause of social stigma regarding mental health. "Our societal set up where we are constantly judged also does not help. We need to become an accepting society where mental illness is treated like any other illness," she said.

Deepika Padukone first addressed about her suffering from depression back in 2015 in an interview with journalist Barkha Dutt. The actress shed light on how difficult it was for her to cope with what was happening and how she felt empty. " I was sitting in my room crying and then here I have to talk about achieving everything and then I have to fly back and then I would land and then again I had to lock myself up in the bathroom and cry because there are so many people that are just looking at you all the time," she said in her interview.

Deepika started a foundation TLLLF that focusses on talking about mental health, spreading awareness and helping the ones who are in need.