Anil Kapoor-starrer Oasis opens to rave reviews: Here are 5 things to know about new web series

Ilin Mathew

Oasis, a British television drama series starring Richard Madden, Aislín McGuckin and Anil Kapoor in lead roles, has opened up to positive reviews. It is based on a science fiction novel by Dutch-born writer, Michel Faber, titled The Book Of Strange New Things.

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The web series, which will be broadcast through Amazon Video, revolves around a remote planet and a mysterious multi-national company. It is written by British screenwriter and producer Matt Charman and directed by Scottish director Kevin Macdonald.

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Oasis features Scottish actor Madden, who is popularly known for his appearance as Robb Stark in HBO series Game of Thrones, as a priest named Peter Leigh. He is assigned to visit the remote planet, wherein the mysterious company is building the first ever off-earth human colony.

In the science fiction series, Northern Irish actress Aislín McGuckin portrays the female protagonist Vivian Hades, Northern Irish actor Jonjo O'Neill as the founder of the human colony, and Indian actor Anil Kapoor as David Morgan, the Chief Executive of the colony.

The pilot episode of the show was released by Amazon in the UK on March 17 and it received rave reviews from the critics and the viewers. While The Verge described it as "reminiscent of a few specific science fiction stories," iO9 stated that the show has a lot of potential, but also has its flaws.

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"There really isn't anything quite like Oasis on television or other streaming services. Its a mix of religion and sci-fi and separates itself from other sci-fi series like Colony or The Expanse. The cast is solid and the mystery surrounding the visions should be enough to drawn an audience," stated A Mind On Fire.

Although the web series is not available in the rest of the world, cast member Anil Kapoor has shared the first look photo and a trailer of the drama on social media with a link to watch the show on Amazon video.

Meanwhile, many of the viewers gave a thumbs up to the pilot episode of Oasis. Here are a few audience reviews on the Anil Kapoor-starrer web series, which will be available online here:

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Wes Royer

Help Choose the Next Amazon Original Series. Stream. The Oasis pilot was really good!


Watched this on Amazon, loved the first episode!! Still feels surreal to see you in roles like this Lakhan saab! much proud!!


Just watched the pilot. It's damn good

James Shaddock

Yeah, y'all need to check out #Oasis on #AmazonPilots then help get it made as a full season. @_richardmadden is great and I need answers!

Nichole Louise

Go watch #Oasis..if for nothing else than to look upon the beautiful @_richardmadden ...but seriously, it's really well done #amazonpilots

Maik Mueller‏

#Oasis was easily my highlight among the #AmazonPilots this time. Not flawless, but very interesting. Go watch it on @AmazonVideo now.

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