Angry Bangaluru Employee Gives Boss' Number to Escort Services & Orders Sex Toys for His Family After Delay in Provident Fund Release

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Imagine being so angry on your boss that you end up misusing his phone number! A Bangaluru employee was so frustrated because his boss was delaying the PF fund that he shared his number at escort services and also ordered sex toys on his name for his family. The man took extreme measures to punish his boss, Avinash Prabhu, who despite assuring that he would make payment after pandemic had to face the brunt. Prabhu, the director of Kalmane Trading Private Limited had assured Hariprasad Joshi, the accused that he would receive his Provident Funds after the difficult times were over.

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Joshi, who worked at the realty cum coffee trading company, couldn't keep his calm and ended up sharing his boss' phone number with the escort services and ordered sex toys for his family, as per TOI. The beef between the two was going on for a long time. Despite asking an ample number of times to release his PF amount, Prabhu was delaying the release because of the lockdown. He had explained that the business wasn't doing well and that he will only be able to give the amount to him after the pandemic ends.

“Prabhu had told him that business had temporarily stopped following the pandemic. Moreover, the previous business head had not submitted the relevant documents. Prabhu had told the staffer that he’d look into the PF issue after the Covid outbreak ends,” said police to TOI.

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It is being said that Joshi was in need of the money and the two also had verbal arguments during their telephonic conversations with regards to the PF amount release. While initially, Prabhu said that he will give the money after the pandemic but in the arguments, he allegedly claimed that he would not pay the money to Joshi and dared him to do whatever he could which inturn caused Joshi to take such an extreme step.