Angira Dhar, new face to join Bollywood

Indo Asian News Service

New Delhi, June 6 (IANS) After working as a producer with Channel V and then behind the camera assisting movie director, Angira Dhar now faces the camera as an actress for her Bollywood debut 'Ek Bura Aadmi'. She accepted the offer because she was looking for a change.

'I used to produce in channel V, which was an absolute fun. After that I quit television and started assisting directors. Acting just happened gradually. It's a nice role and I think I needed that change also, so I took the offer,' Angira told IANS.

Born in Srinagar, Angira moved to Mumbai to do her graduation. In Ishraq Shah's 'Ek Bura Aadmi' she is paired with Arunudoy Singh.

Talking about how she won the role, she said: 'One day I was shooting for channel V with VJ Yudi (Yudhistir). He was basically looking for actor on set. He saw me and he had some idea in his head about the spot he wanted to do for the Channel V. I shot that spot and Ishraq (the director) noticed me in that spot. He called me, auditioned me and I got selected.'

Angira never thought of getting into acting and it was her cousin Aaksh Dhar, who made a guest appearance in Abhinay Deo's 'Game', who motivated her to take acting seriously.

'I have been asked for acting before, but I never did that because I was too concentrated on direction. I wanted to get the feel of it. I take projects not as a exposure, but for an experience. Whatever I get, I try to capitalise on that. Whatever little or whatever more, I need to have that kind of confidence before choosing a script,' she said.

'Also, my cousin Aakash gave me the confidence and required support. I had all the support and backing from parents,' said Angira, whose aim is to balance both.

'I would like to do both because direction is obviously something I had aimed for. I always aspire to be an ad filmmaker. So documentaries, ads and short films are what I would like to start with. On the other hand, I love acting because it's so much different than technical thinking. There is more improvisation and interaction and I love that,' she said.