Angelina Jolie goes uber sexy for Guerlain's perfume ad

Ilin Mathew
Angelina Jolie goes uber sexy for Guerlain's perfume ad

American actress and filmmaker Angelina Jolie recently shed clothes for an ad campaign of French perfume and cosmetics brand Guerlain's latest collection, Mon Guerlain. Apart from posing topless for a photo shoot, Brad Pitt's ex-wife also stripped down for a video shoot.

The black and white semi nude photo of Wanted star shared on Instagram by the beauty brand highlights the right-side of her face with partial lights and she looks gorgeous. "Guerlain's new fragrance has been created for an extraordinary, sincere and authentic woman. Meet Angelina Jolie, the new icon of Guerlain Perfumer," read the caption of the image.

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Earlier this week, the French company shared a video of their ad campaign on Instagram with the caption: "Notes of a Woman" re-imagines the story of the creation of the fragrance for women who embody modern femininity, who embrace all that life brings and all sides of themselves."

The video begins with a close-up shot of Angelina Jolie's eyes after moving on to her bare back. In the clip, Brad Pitt's ex-wife can be seen stripping down and getting ready for a big event. In the clip, she wears a creme-coloured rope, an off-shoulder dress, black and white pyjama and a pure black lace dress.

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The fragrance ad shows her in a picturesque mansion, walking through a countryside in France and climbing down a spiral staircase.

Watch the new Guerlain ad of Angelina Jolie below:

“Notes of a Woman“: the story of the fragrance creation that embodies modern femininity. #MonGuerlain

— Guerlain (@Guerlain) 27 February 2017

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