Angela Merkel Panicking after Realising She Forgot Her Face Mask is All of Us

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel was recently seen panicking after she forgot to wear her face mask during a parliament session. The video of Merkel panicking has gone viral as she quickly rushes to grab a mask and heads back to her seat.

A video of the incident was shared by news agency Reuters on Saturday. "German Chancellor Angela Merkel panics after forgetting her face mask," the caption of the video read.

People on the Internet could relate to Merkel's reaction as this has been true for all of us in the past one year as face masks became a signifier of the new normal. Every time we step out, mask and sanitisers are the absolute essentials. And sometimes when our mind briefly leaps back into pre -pandemic times, we find ourselves rushing through the stairwell to grab that face cover.

Here is how the internet is reacting to Merkel's panic:

href="">February 19, 2021

Meanwhile, Merkel has said Germany will have difficulties making use of all available COVID-19 vaccines in April. Once a 7-day coronavirus incidence of under 35 per 100,000 people is reached, further relaxations beyond the opening of shops may follow, she added.

“For the next opening step after retail, we have to be careful whether we stay stable below 35,” Merkel said. “When we have opened up shops and we are … stable below 35 for two weeks, then we can consider the next step.”

The number of new daily infections in Germany has been falling, prompting some regional leaders to push for a timetable to ease the lockdown, which has been in place since mid-December. But concerns are growing about the impact of more infectious variants of the virus on case numbers.