Andy Murray hopes for 'biological passport' warfare to combat doping in tennis

London, Mar 10 (ANI): British tennis star Andy Murray has said that he is hoping for the start of a war on drugs in tennis following the introduction of new anti-doping plans in the sport, starting with biological passports.

The World No. 3, who will be opening his Indian Wells title bid against Russia's Evgeny Donskoy on Sunday, said that it is ridiculous to see sportsmen going to any lengths just to abuse drugs, the Sun reports.

Although Murray commended the introduction of the biological passports, he said that there is more to be done for the fight against doping to go any further.

Tennis authorities have confirmed that biological passports will be introduced in the sport this year to keep tabs on players and flush out the drug cheats among them.

International Tennis Federation (ITF) President Ricci Bitti said that the implementation of the Athlete Biological Passport will be a major step in the evolution of the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme as it will help the federation in the fight against doping in tennis, the Mirror reports.

The scheme, which sees results are collected and combined over a period of time to enable authorities to detect changes, will mean an increase in blood and out-of-competition testing and will apply to all players in Grand Slams and events sanctioned by the ITF, Association of Tennis Professionals ( ATP) and Women's Tennis Association (WTA). (ANI)