Android Creator Andy Rubin Teases His Upcoming Bezel-Less Phone

Andy Rubin is working on a smartphone which will have edge-to-edge display & will be powered by AI-based software. 

The creator of Android has finally teased the phone that is expected to be launched later this year. Andy Rubin is popular for giving the world Android, which has helped make phones an indispensable part of our lives.

With his much-anticipated new brand Essential, he’s working on a bezel-less (edge-to-edge display) phone, and now we have a (sort of ) picture of this talked-about product.

This isn’t the kind of glimpse we’d have liked, but nevertheless, Rubin has finally goven us some idea of what’s in the works.

Rubin and Co have been working on a device with edge-to-edge display, which will be powered with artificial intelligence-based software, similar to Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana.

The game-changing phone’s going to be rolled out sometime this year. Rubin says he wants to push his device against the iPhone and Google Pixel.

The phone is likely to be priced around $749 (Rs 51,000 approximately), which puts it at par with the elite category of smartphones.

With this teaser, we can’t wait for Rubin to show us the full picture, and also reveal if this phone will be coming to India anytime soon.