Android Auto Will Start Showing Weather Icon in Status Bar

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Car owners may soon see something new on their infotainment systems running Android Auto. Google is adding a weather icon to the status bar of the UI. Last year, Google's Android Auto went through a major redesign, which unfortunately saw it making away with the weather widget from the home screen.

The new update had later introduced a new weather icon sitting on the top status bar marked as 'Weather.' Google has now added an icon for the same, reported Android Police. According to the report, Google will now include the weather icon next to the temperature icon on Android Auto. The status bar will include both temperature and an icon to give passengers an indication of what to expect when looking outside. The report also adds that the icons will showcase the sun, clouds, and snow.

The report also stated that even though the icon changes for varied weather conditions, it remains to be seen, how many of them will finally be shown on the infotainment’s status bar. They speculate that an icon for rain could probably make to the list and add indicators for icy roads and high winds would be welcome additions. According to a report in 9To5Google, 70 new cars have added support to the platform including cars from Lexus, Audi, Ferrari, Infiniti, Jeep, Subaru, Nissan, and Volkswagen.