Andhra Pradesh Govt to bear travel expenses of migrants

Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh) [India], May 6 (ANI): Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has decided that the Government will be paying for the travel of all the migrant workers who were accommodated in relief centres setup across the state ever since the lockdown was imposed and wish to return to their respective states.

Apart from this, he has also instructed the officers to ensure that a one-time financial assistance of 500 is given to all these migrants from various other states like Odisha, UP, Bihar etc who are stuck and wish to return via trains arranged by the state government.

He further reiterated that the state is also ready to pay for the return of Migrant Workers from Andhra Pradesh who are stuck in other states and wish to return.

The Chief Minister expressed his concern with respect to the economic toll that all these Migrant Workers have had to endure and might have to endure in the near future due to the spread of Corona and the consequential lockdown.

He further added that at a time like this , the state is determined to help migrant workers from AP as well as other states by making sure that their return is taken care of by the state.

Speaking on the matter, PV Ramesh, Special Chief Secretary to CM said, "CM of Andhra has made a radical decision today with reference to the migrant labourers who are in Andhra Pradesh, from other states and also those who are from Andhra Pradesh and are staying in other States. He has decided that those migrants who have come here have already been housed in centres and they are being fed."

"Now they have the opportunity either to continue working here or to return to their home States. If they choose to go back, the government will ensure that it will bear the train fare, provide the food during the journey and give Rs 500 cash.

In addition, if anyone is sick, they would also be given the medicines. This would ensure that each and every person who is in Andhra Pradesh would be able to return to their home without any inconvenience, he added.

"Similarly, CM has decided to facilitate the return of migrants who have gone to other States. He has instructed the officials to coordinate with various State Governments and ensure their safe return," said Ramesh. (ANI)