Andhra Govt to Close Half of the Bars in the State, Reduce Working Hours from New Year

Amaravathi: In a bid towards prohibition of liquor in state, the Andhra Pradesh Government has decided to close half of the bars and reduce their working hours from next year.

In a meeting on Thursday, CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has ordered the officials to issue a government order on Reduction of bars and their timings as early as possible. The revised order will be implemented from January 1st, 2020.

As per the latest order, the number of bars will reduce to 420 against existing 839. The revised working hours will be 11 am to 10 pm against existing 10 am to midnight 12 am. CM Jagan Reddy has also ordered to increase license fee of bars from the New Year itself.

CM Jagan Reddy had in poll promised to implement complete prohibition of liquor in next 5 years. In a bid towards total prohibition, the state government has already closed 20 percent of the liquor shops since September.

After liquor shops, government has decided to reduce the number of bars and their timings to move towards total prohibition.

CM Jagan Reddy has also ordered his officials to give permissions to bars and liquor shops, where local people are not objecting.

The state will lose around 9 percent of its revenue after a total prohibition of liquor in state.