Anchors Do Wear Pants: Karma Paljor On His Last Show

Karma Paljor is winning hearts with his quirky sign-off message.

Award-winning journalist Karma Paljor anchored his last show at CNN-News 18 on 31 March. The senior scribe signed off by tackling a popular myth that hounds television journalists.

Paljor referenced the video of East Asian affairs expert Professor Robert E Kelly and his family. The now-viral ‘BBC Dad’ video – of the professor being videobombed by his children and their hassled mother, while on a live BBC interview – fuelled speculation that Kelly did not get up to control the kids, because he didn’t have any pants on.

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At the end of his last bulletin with the channel, Paljor bid farewell to his viewers. “It’s been a great 12 years,” he said.

“This is Karma Paljor signing off, with his trousers on”.

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