Anand Mahindra has a witty reply to a query about keeping a money plant in office

Anand Mahindra’s sassy reply is winning the Internet.

Anand Mahindra, chairman of Mahindra Group, on Tuesday tweeted urging people to keep indoor plants in their workplaces to make it a brighter and greener place. While many followers shared their thoughts about the eco-friendly initiative, Mahindra had a witty reply for one Twitter user when asked about using money plants in offices.

Talking about a Mahindra Rise initiative about using indoor plants that help purify the air in office space, the Mahindra Group’s chairman tweeted, "This isn't rocket science…most of you know these plants…but why not add one of them to your workspace today?"

While many shared photos of their green workstations, one person asked Mahindra to share his thoughts about using money plants for the cause. His sassy reply to the user with a philosophical line was praised.

"Ussey aap ka jeb to bhar jaayega magar dil nahin! (With that your pockets might be full but not your heart)," the businessman tweeted.

The tweet caught the attention of people online, just like many of his previous witty replies.

Do you have indoor plants at your desk in the office?