Anand Mahindra Wants You to Caption Photo of Monkey, Will Gift Scale Model of Cars to Winners

Buzz Staff
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Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra has promised to gift Mahindra scale models to anyone who comes up with the best captions, in Hindi and English, for a photo that he posted on Twitter.

Mahindra is quite active on social media and frequently shares photos and videos that intrigue him. He is also a philanthropist and makes it a point to help anyone who needs it.

Recently, Mahindra posted a photo of a monkey sitting and chilling atop a DTH umbrella. The source of the photo is unknown, and so is the location. It could not be verified where Mahindra chanced upon the photo.

He shared the photo on Twitter and said that this gave him the perfect opportunity for his next caption competition. He also said that all captions have to be submitted by 2 pm on Sunday afternoon to be considered.

"In times like these, I can’t think of a better pic for my next caption competition. As always, will look for 2 winners: in Hindi and in English. Again, winners receive scale models of a Mahindra vehicle..Short deadline; all answers to be submitted before 2pm IST 11th October," Mahindra tweeted.

With over 63k comments at the time of writing this, the post has clearly gone viral. Here are some of our favourite contenders for the competition:

A few days ago, Anand Mahindra gifted a tractor to Laungi Bhuiyan, who single-handedly carved out a 3-km long canal to take rainwater coming down from nearby hills to the fields of his village in Bihar.