Anand Mahindra Tweets Video of Tesla Being Charged by Honda Generator, Calls "Jugaad" Hilarious

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We Indians ace the show when it comes to jugaad. There is absolutely nothing which has not been experimented by us, especially in terms of technology. Entrepreneur Anand Mahindra often keeps sharing such jugaad videos on his Twitter handle. This time, he has posted another video, however, it is not from India.

The video, shot abroad, shows a man using gasoline for a Tesla car. When another traveller asked him why he needs to use gas for a car which is fully electric, the man opens the back bonnet to show something that has left everyone in splits. The man is carrying a Honda gasoline generator in his Tesla car to produce electricity.

“And we thought jugaad was purely an Indian talent! Hilarious. A Honda powered Tesla…,” Mahindra captioned the video.

The clip has been watched over five lakh times, gathering 37 thousand likes.

In fact, replying to one of the tweets, Mahindra tagged Pawan Goenka, MD, Mahindra and Mahesh Babu, CEO Mahindra Electric, to mention that such generators may take away the worries when it comes to electric cars.

“Hey @GoenkaPk @Maheshsbabu We may have an answer to 'Range Anxiety' until longer duration batteries are affordable! Except that we should ensure it's a @PowerolMahindra small generator...,” his tweet read.

Here’s what people had to say watching the hilarious jugaad video of a Honda-powered Tesla car.

A "jugaad" in the truest sense.