Anand Mahindra Tweets About Frugal ‘Kela-Konveyor’; Twitterati Love The Innovation Buzz Desk
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Anand Mahindra Tweets About Frugal ‘Kela-Konveyor’; Twitterati Love The Innovation

The 'desi-jugaad' video is sure to impress you!

Anand Mahindra, chairman of the Mahindra Group, is among the few business magnates who is extremely active on Twitter. From dance performances and congratulatory messages on the victory of Indian athletes to motivational messages and videos of interesting innovations, Anand Mahindra’s timeline is akin to a treasure trove. Today (January 2, 2018), Anand has shared another interesting clip on his Twitter handle. The video shows a man on a bike carrying multiple packs of bananas out of a field with the help of a conveyor belt-type system. Mahindra called the innovation ‘frugal and appropriate’ and said it could be titled ‘Banana-Bike Brigade or a ‘Kela-Konveyor’. In no time, the tweet went viral, and people started suggesting alternative titles for the innovation. 

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Mahindra posted the video on his Twitter account on January 2nd, and has received close to 2000 likes, 504 retweets and 95 comments. The video has been posted with the caption ‘Got this clip of a commendable exercise in jugaad. A Banana-Bike Brigade? Or better still a Kela-Konveyor? We have a Material Handling Company in the Group- Mahindra Tsubaki-but have to admit I don’t think they have created anything so frugal & appropriate!’ The vehicle came to the notice of Anand Mahindra after a Twitter user posted a picture of the auto-rickshaw which looked like a Mahindra four-wheeler from the back. 

In the video, a man can be seen riding a bike solo in the midst of a dense banana field. He is followed by a long train of big bags that comprise of bananas. These bags are moving in a single line, one after the other, as they as attached to a conveyor belt-like innovation. This saves time as well as effort, and greatly impressed the Mahindra Group chairman.

Check out Anand Mahindra’s tweet here:

Here is how the Twitterati responded:

Tweaking the elevator:



After reading the titles given by the Twitterati, Mahindra said that he is getting an “inferiority complex’ as the titles given by them is really good.

Here is how he responded:

Anand Mahindra often shares such ‘jugaadu’ videos on Twitter. On November 18, he shared the video of a guy creating a ‘buggy’ that impressed Mahindra. ‘Now this guy’s wheels may not have the acceleration or torque of a Tesla,but I applaud him for his alternative thinking & his will to follow-through on his idea.He would be a great R&D resource. (Now I just wonder if this buggy is hernia-proof!)’ he said in his tweet. Earlier in October, Mahindra had shared the video of a ‘jugaadu’ scarecrow that uses non-polluting wind energy and a Thali.