Anand Mahindra Takes Twitter's Advice, Vows to 'Banish' Plastic Bottles From Corporate Boardrooms
Mahindra was replying to a woman who pointed out the plastic bottles at a boardroom meeting in the picture uploaded by him on Twitter.

Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra on Tuesday said he would ban plastic bottles from corporate boardrooms after a Twitter user pointed them out in a photo of a meeting shared by him.

Mahindra replied to a woman who pointed out the plastic bottles at a boardroom meeting in the picture.

"The K.C.M.E.T scholarship selections are amongst the most energising engagements in my calendar. The incredible intelligence & self-belief displayed by these youngsters is staggering," Mahindra wrote in his original tweet.

"I think the boardroom should have steel bottles instead of plastic bottles," she tweeted.

"Plastic bottles will be banished. We were all embarrassed to see them that day," Mahindra responded.

While some, who witnessed the refreshing exchange, came forth with suggestions.

Others were in praise of the Twitter user for creating awareness online and lauded Mahindra's prompt response on the same.

This, however, isn't the first time the Mahindra chief has made news over plastic bottles. In a video tweeted earlier by him, Mahindra had earlier expressed his admiration for desi jugaad for showing a plastic water bottle being creatively used as a “door closer.”

“My #whatsappwonderbox is filled with examples of modest, but out-of-the-box thinking applied to everyday problems. This person spent just Rs 2 to rig this door closure versus Rs 1500 for a hydraulic one! How do we channel this creativity so that we move from Jugaad to Jhakaas!” he tweeted along with a 15-second long video.

(With IANS inputs)