Anand Mahindra Impressed by Boy's Impromptu Dance During Melania Trump's Visit to Delhi School

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The video of a boy, who shook his legs to Bhangra beats during the cultural program at Delhi government school organized for First Lady Melania Trump, has caught the attention of business tycoon Anand Mahindra.

Anand, who does not shy away from sharing hilarious and life lessons kind of videos, took to the social media platform “In a world burdened by natural calamities, trade battles, social upheavals and pandemics, this viral clip showing a child’s unrestrained enthusiasm is a breath of fresh air. He didn’t give a hoot about the celebrity in front & the nervous secret service agent behind! Balle balle!”

The video shows a little boy clad in school uniform doing some steps of Bhangra as performance is underway on the stage. The boy has clearly won hearts and Melania Trump too can be seen boosting the spirits of the boy as she looked towards him while clapping. After some time, as can be seen in the clip, a few other students too got up and began dancing to the energetic number.

The clip has been viewed over one lakh times till now and has been liked by around 25 thousand likes.

It comes as no surprise that the reactions to the video shared by business tycoon were very positive, with users appreciating the boy.

Melania Trump had accompanied US President Donald Trump on his maiden 2-day visit to India.