Anand Mahindra’s funny tweet about learning Garba has people in splits!

Many offered to teach Anand Mahindra easy Garba steps.

Mahindra Group’s Chairman Anand Mahindra is not just a prolific businessman but also someone with a great sense of humour. The social media star, who keeps sharing innovative and entertaining things on social media, recently asked people for a little help in learning Garba and was flooded with links to tutorials. However, once again, it was his funny reply that stole the show.

It all started when the business tycoon shared a video of NRIs celebrating Narendra Modi’s landslide victory in the Lok Sabha elections 2019. In the footage, which was shot in London, a group of people are seen dancing in joy. "Apparently, celebratory Garba in London after PM Modi s victory. Loved the uninhibited cultural colonisation in reverse!" he wrote.

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Seeing people doing Garba on the streets, the 64-year-old Mahindra got inspired to polish his dancing skills and asked for the link to tutorial videos. "And time now for me to brush up my garba steps. Please recommend a good YouTube video for lessons!" he added.

His followers complied and shared video links, with many arguing he need not worry as he is Gujarati himself. One particular link of Garba lessons caught his attention, however, he claimed it was rather too difficult.

"Looks good. But will probably deserve a Ph.D in Garba if I learn ALL the steps here…" he quipped on Twitter.

Here’s what others had to say to Mahindra about learning Garba.