Anand Mahindra’s filmy tweet on ISRO’s plan to build its own space station wins the Internet

Anand Mahindra’s filmy tweet about ISRO’s ambitious plans got Bollywood buffs excited online.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has declared its intention to build a permanent space station for the country, and the surprising announcement by the ISRO chief left desi people in a frenzy. After its successful missions to the moon and Mars and a proposed manned space flight before 2022 — the gigantic step in realising the dream for the country got people excited.

We want a separate space station. Our space station will be small. We will launch a small module of 20 tonnes for microgravity experiments. This is our ambition. Everyone starts with a small module and only later expands, ISRO chairman Dr K Sivan said at a press conference for the launch of India s ambitious Chandrayaan 2 project to the moon.

However, it was businessman Anand Mahindra’s hilarious reaction that stole the show online.

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"We ll finally have our own space movies. 1st up: A Bobby remake. Hum Tum, ek space station me bund ho.. " the Mahindra Group chairman wrote on Twitter.

What followed next on the micro-blogging site was filled with space-related puns and jokes. As his tweet led to a laughing riot online, Twitterati couldn’t stop lauding him for his sense of humour and came up with other filmy dialogues and puns to continue the thread.

Check out some of the funniest reactions to his tweet here:

A space station is essentially a large spacecraft that remains in low-earth orbit for extended periods of time. It is like a large laboratory in space and allows astronauts to come aboard and stay for weeks or months to carry out experiments. Sivan said ISRO is in the process of drawing up plans for the space station, which is likely to be ready in the next five to seven years.