Anand Mahindra Apologises for 'Insensitive' Tweet about Masks After Outrage

Anand Mahindra is known for his humour on social media. A recent post, however, seemed to backfire with many claiming it was rather "insensitive" and not at par with his usual standards.

The 64-year-old had previously shared a picture of a mother with her toddler wearing masks which were made from a leaf and said that he hoped it would become an iconic image during the coronavirus pandemic.


“It’s not just about #MaskIndia but also a greener world. A reminder that nature already provides us with all that we need..”, he had tweeted.

However, comedian Aditi Mittal pointed out that this was not something to celebrated. "Anand, this is NOTHING to be celebrated. There is NO EVIDENCE that wearing a leaf provides ANY kind of protection," Mittal wrote. "They are not doing this environmental awareness, they are doing this because govs who were supposed to provide them this life saving mask have forsaken them," she further added.

True to his style, Mahindra responded by graciously accepting his mistake.

While netizens were initially rather unhappy with Mahindra, the tide turned soon after he had made amends.

Due to the ongoing pandemic India are currently in the midst of a nationwide lockdown till May 3. A decision for the period after that is expected in the coming week.