Ana Skoumal’s Guide on Planning Ahead and Staying Ahead of the Curve

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In any industry, it’s important to establish yourself and stay ahead of your competition. This can be easier said than done if you’re unsure of how to plan ahead and are surrounded by competitors who seem to have the blueprint for success. Ana Skoumal is a trademark attorney who helps online creators, both within and outside of the digital space, establish themselves and navigate their way to become leaders of their industry. Here, Skoumal shares her guide on how to plan ahead and stay ahead of the curve.

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Ana Skoumal states that planning ahead means having goals and adhering to a clear plan that can help you reach them. When devising any plan, she recommends looking up at the leaders within your industry whose success you hope to emulate to reach your goals. Being as informed as possible about the industry that you are trying to succeed in is also essential according to Skoumal. She recommends reading industry journals and committing to trend forecasting by following every trend in your industry on the journey from inception to widespread popularity. Speaking of the importance of staying ahead of the curve, Skoumal says, “Given the digital age that we live in, every single industry is now fast-paced, and to become a thought leader within your industry, you need to use every innovation that today’s technology offers.”

Ana Skoumal opened her law firm ANA LAW LLC in 2021, with a specialization in trademark strategy and trademark filing as well an expertise in several other intellectual property services. She has helped many brands and creators establish themselves and stay ahead of the curve. Skoumal has over ten years of experience as a social media influencer and personal branding expert, which aids her in her goal of helping owners, creators, and artists grow and protect their businesses in the digital space and beyond.

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If you take the time to plan ahead and truly understand your industry, Ana Skoumal believes that you will be able to stay ahead of the curve and establish yourself as an industry leader.

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