Ana Gasteyer Brings Back ‘SNL’ Classic on ‘This Week in Game Shows’

On Match Game, Saturday Night Live alum Ana Gasteyer gave what was by far the best answer given on a game show this week when host Alec Baldwin asked a question about … Alec Baldwin.

“When pregnant Patty learned her sperm donor was a Baldwin brother, she said, ‘I hope it’s Alec because he’s the only brother with …’ blank,” Baldwin said.

One panelist said Alec is the only one with a job. Another said he’s the only old one. But Gasteyer took us back to 1998 and an SNL classic that involved Baldwin.

“You are the only one who truly celebrates the Schweddy Balls,” Gasteyer said.

Photo: ABC

On Wheel of Fortune, it really seems like Pat Sajak needs to get out and see the world.

“We’re saluting Hawaii this week, but we’re not actually in Hawaii. But we’re in the next best place: Culver City,” Sajak said.

On Jeopardy, Alex Trebek may have just confirmed that he might be crazy. And on Family Feud, Steve Harvey’s reaction to a contestant’s T-rex impression was priceless.

Check out Steve Harvey’s reaction to this contestant’s T-rex impression:

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