From Amreli to Baahubali 2: Journey of a diamond polisher from Gujarat to film industry

Manoj Goswami, who is the sound designer for Baahubali 2, began his stellar journey as an office peon at a sound designers office in Mumbai.

Baahubali 2 continues to garner rave reviews and rake in billions , there are many unsung heroes who have come from various walks of life to realise the mega dream of filmmaker SS Rajamouli.

Among the many talented people who contributed to Baahubali 2's astounding success, one man's journey from a small village in Gujarat to the massive sets of the superhit movie is an awe-inspiring story in itself.

Manoj Goswami, who is the sound designer for Baahubali 2, began his stellar journey as an office peon at a sound designers office in Mumbai.

Goswami told that his journey from polishing diamonds to designing sound for India's biggest film is not less than a dream.

Goswami, who left school after standard 9 due to family responsibilities, began working as a diamond polisher in Surat.

Goswami told Divya Bhaskar that he hails from Khambha village of Gujarat's Amreli district and studied in schools in Surat and Junagadh. It was while working for the diamond industry that Goswami came in contact with documentary filmmaker Nisha Pahuja.

The filmmaker made a short film 'Diamond Road' on Goswami's work. P M Satish, who worked as the sound designer for the film, found Goswami to be talented.

Impressed with Goswami's work, the sound designer soon hired him as a peon at his office. Goswami told Divya that 'Diamond Road' was also screened Cannes Film Festival.


When asked about how he acquired the skills to be a sound designer, Goswami said that in 2006 while working as a peon he found time during night shifts to train himself.

Goswami said that he was never exposed to computers, nor did he knew how to speak English. He said that most of his learning was done by observing all the people who were working on sound.

Over the time, his interest in sound designing grew by observing sound professionals at the office where he served tea and coffee to them. Goswami said that he used to wake up early to study about the sound equipment.


In his candid conversation, Goswami revealed that he had never dreamt of working on such large scale projects. During his struggling days, he lived with his aunt in Mumbai. Since he did not have a formal education, he decided to master sound designing, as he felt this was the best way to stay employed.

He learnt basic computing and picked up conversational English to hone his skills. "I learned sound designing out of necessity and never in my dream thought of this success," he said.

Recounting his earlier days, Goswami said that Sawariya was his first film in which he contributed as an intern. He said that he considers PM Satish his guru and that he is a visionary who worked on sound designing even before the advent of digital India.

Goswami has worked in films like Kaminey, Ishqiya, 7 Khoon Maaf, Ek thi Daayan, and Matru ki Bijli Ka Mandola.


Goswami said that filmmaker Rajamouli once walked into his studio and saw his work. He instantly liked Goswami's work.

He was working on a Telugu film when Rajamouli visited him. Goswami said that the filmmaker soon asked his team to start working for Baahubali.

He said that Rajamouli was so impressed by his team's work that there was no second opinion or correction in the final output for Baahubali 2.

Goswami spent over nine months to create the sound effects for Baahubali 2.

Talking about his future projects, Goswami said that he will be soon working on a Mohanlal -Amitabh Bachchan starrer and another film starring Saif Ali Khan.

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