Now Travel to Delhi From Jaipur in 90 Minutes by High-speed Train

New Delhi, Mar 7: The distance between Jaipur and Delhi will now be covered in just 90 minutes. The Ministry of Railways has been planning to run a semi-high speed train on Jaipur-Delhi route. The train, according to the reports, would run at a speed of 200 kilometres per hour. The details of the semi-high speed train project have also been shared with North Western Railways.

A MoU has been signed with company FS-Italferr to prepare a feasibility report. For coordination of the study, NWR authorities have been asked to nominate ADRM.

“They have asked us to share the pattern of operation between two stations, pattern of passenger’s load, pattern of freight train, their speed and length, feature of the tracks double or single, infrastructure of the track including bridges, platforms, signalling etc and number of level crossings between Jaipur and Delhi. We are compiling the details which would be sent to them in the next 10 days,” a senior officer of NWR told Times of India.

Currently, the trains at the Jaipur-Delhi route can attain a speed of 110 kilometres per hour. The trains, normally, maintain a speed of 80 kilometres/hours to 95 kilometres/hours. With the introduction of the high-speed train, the distance will now be covered in less than 2 hours.


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