Newcastle upon Tyne Teenager Gives Birth To Baby Despite Having a Flat Stomach and Regular Periods

A teen with a flat tummy and regular periods got stunned when she was told that she was pregnant during the labor. One night, in 2015, she suffered excruciating stomach pains but she thought it was just normal cramps, so she popped a painkiller and slept. But instead of vanishing, the agony grew more and she was also bleeding profusely and that time she realized that nothing is normal so she rushed to the hospital and soon she came to know that those pains were labour pains. Ultrasound test proved that she was indeed pregnant. Charlotte Thomson, now 21 is from Newcastle upon Tyne, England and she couldn’t believe it as she never saw any signs of pregnancy throughout all the nine months. Shocking: Dead Woman Gives Birth to Stillborn Baby

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“My stomach was completely flat, and I’d been having regular periods so it was such a shock when I found out. ‘I didn’t believe that I was actually pregnant until I gave birth,” Charlotte who is a nursery nurse told Metro UK. “It was scary becoming a first-time mum with no warning,” she said. Charlotte who was unaware of it revealed that she was drinking through the pregnancy but her drinking didn’t affect the baby Molly who is now 2. Doctor Asks Pregnant Women To Dance With Him To Reduce Labour Pain

“It’s crazy to think that I’d been carrying a baby all that time. “Then Mum called my work to explain that I’d had a baby, they were gobsmacked as they’d seen me the day before with no baby bump at all,” she said. As per reports, she had no bump as her baby was tucked underneath her ribs and also during pregnancy some women experience period-like vaginal bleeding and there are various reasons for the same. So these two claims prove why never understood about her pregnancy. What are your views on the same? Let us know in the comments below.


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