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Karnataka Govt Introduces Stringent Security Measures After Lokayukta’s Stabbing


FIR Against Congress and JDS MLCs in Karnataka for Misusing Public Funds by Providing False Info

The accused MLCs, from the Congress and the JD(S) along with an independent MLC, will be booked under Section 420 of 177 IPC and under Section 31 of the Representation of the People Act 1950.

Bengaluru: The Karnataka government has introduced stringent security measures for government buildings in Bengaluru after Lokayukta Vishwanath Shetty was stabbed thrice in his chest by a man who walked into his office with a knife without being detected.

The new measures include compulsory scanning of bags through metal detectors and restriction on entry of visitors. According to a notification, only those who have meetings scheduled or have an appointment will be allowed inside the premises, and within the hours specified.

The new measures would be applicable for those entering the Vidhan Souda and the Vikas Souda, the two secretariat buildings, and the MS building, which houses the offices of IAS officers and other government departments. Officials said that if the rules are not strictly, the concerned police officer will be held responsible for any lapses.

The measures come after it was found that the body scanners outside the Lokayukta’s office were not functioning, allowing Tejraj Sharma, the accused in the stabbing, to enter Shetty’s chambers with the knife and stab him thrice. The Lokayukta is said to be out of danger and is being treated at Mallya Hospital.

The security lapse has raised several questions and the government has also ordered a high-level police probe that will be headed by the joint commissioner of crime branch. The incident has also snowballed into a political war, with opposition parties blaming Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for the “complete breakdown” in the law and order situation in the state.


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