India Imposes New Trade Restrictions With North Korea

New Delhi, March 7: In line with United Nations sanctions on North Korea for its ballistic missile programme, India on Wednesday imposed new restrictions on trade with Pyongyang, the government said in a statement on Wednesday.

According to Reuters, India has been cutting back on trade with North Korea but has also maintained diplomatic links.

It has given food aid in the past, but even that has been brought down to the minimum as the United States steps up the pressure to isolate Pyongyang.

The Reuters further reported that the new restrictions are mainly on “new or used vessels”, electrical equipment, food and farm products and wood, the government said in the statement.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, several reports said that the rogue nation has offered to discuss denuclearisation with the United States and considered abandoning its weapons programs in exchange for security guarantees, according to Seoul.

Decades of Western attempts to persuade North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons have been failed.

The 1994 Agreed Framework also offered the North Korea civilian nuclear reactors and other assistance in exchange of denuclearisation.

The programme fell apart after the United States accused the country of covertly restarting its weapons programme and aid delays also angered Pyongyang, which eventually stormed out.

In 2003, China-led six-party talks, bringing together the United States, Russia, Japan, China and both Koreas in a torturous process.


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