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Buri Ladki Ki Buri Baatein: Talk Periods, Avoid the Lazy Husband

The Quint

Being a woman is a bit like being in school. Your entire life is spent between different periods.

Oh no! The ‘P’ word again. I mean, can these feminist types ever let a conversation flow freely without it? Must the ‘P’ word always leak into it somehow? So I say, ladies, just leave it. Oh sorry, my bad; it is technically impossible to do so given current leave policies, right? Sigh.

But regardless of that, we as women should always be mindful of the fact that blood is thicker than water (although, sambhar is thicker than both and all you ‘Yenna Rascalas’ must mind it!). And so, part of our sisterhood stems from the fact that regardless of our ethnicity, class, or caste, we women are essentially the same blood – just that our dates don’t always match! Oh, and speaking of dates...

Hello, Boys

For years, women have been fed the misplaced notion that we won’t be able to find a good husband if we can’t make rotis. Little do our desi moms know, that today’s guys just want a woman who knows how to make love. They don’t even care about jali hui rotis!

But here’s an unsolicited advice for all you fellow ladies. Go for the hardworking, gender equality kinda man, who stands by it at home, and at the workplace. And don’t go for the lazy husband, who won’t clean up the dishes after eating and sit around like a lazy bum while expecting you to take care of the baby and run the household. ’Cause he’s a vampire, honey. He sucks.

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