Aryan Khan Is Bollywood Ready? See This Pic If You Don’t Believe Us

Shah Rukh Khan‘s eldest son is perhaps the most socially elusive star kid. He is quite unlike his siblings who always enjoy the media attention. Well, we don’t know about AbRam but given that he is so adorable, he always under the media glare. Well, as far as Aryan is concerned, he is pursuing his education in film making abroad and is relatively away from the media glare. However, he has his own fan following and fan pages on social media and pictures of him chilling with friends always manage to surface on the internet. Girls, in particular, go absolutely crazy about him, just the way they do for SRK.

Anyway, we happened to get our hand on one of his latest photos and we must say that they are truly unmissable. Like we just said, Aryan is quite a ladies man just like his father and we must add that his washboard abs as seen in the pics would send girls into a frenzy for sure. The pic has been going viral ever since it hit the internet. We must say that Aryan has quite a star presence and this pic is proof that he is Bollywood ready. Take a look at his pic below :

Aryan Khan1
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Shah Rukh Khan had once stated that he would love to direct a TV show in the future. Aryan, however, seems more keen on directing films. With Aryan expressing his area of interest, we suppose he would follow the footsteps of actors like Ranbir Kapoor and Varun Dhawan who began their acting career by first getting into direction. They have both assisted well known directors in the past before getting their big break in the world of films. And if Aryan is indeed following their footsteps, then we guess it’s safe to say that the day he makes his debut in Bollywood is not too far away. And who better than uncle Karan Johar to help him achieve his dreams. We all know how close KJo is to SRK and Gauri and he would only be happy to help Aryan, just the way he is looking forward to launch Suhana in her acting career in the future. Well, whatever may be Aryan’s dreams, we certainly can’t wait to see him on the path of fulfilling it. Until then, let’s check out his hot washboard abs. Shall we?

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