Amnesty International Protests Against CBFC’s Moral Policing

Amidst the brouhaha over the SC verdict, a Muslim woman asserts how she has many concerns other than Triple Talaaq.

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) is in the news again for refusing to certify Lipstick Under My Burkha as well as the Malayalam film Ka Bodyscapes. While the first film has been accused of being “lady oriented” and glorified “fantasy over life”, Ka Bodyscapes is in the docks for portraying homosexuality in a positive light.

Amnesty International has now joined the voices gaining strength against CBFC’s ludicrous reasons to not certify films that don’t meet its own moral sensibilities.

Amnesty International IndiaThe Indian film certification board’s recent denial of theatrical release to two films because they deal with women’s sexuality and same-sex relations amounts to open censorship of artistic expression.

Is CBFC listening?