Amit Shah: Trinamool Congress can't stop PM Modi's chariot in West Bengal

'Here too change will come,' said Amit Shah assuring that Mamata Banerjee's shameless appeasement policy and politics of discrimination has crossed all limits of tolerance.

"Ebar Bangla," (Now Bengal). BJP national president Amit Shah has set the stage for destination Bengal on his three-day tour in the state. After Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur, the party is eyeing Bengal as its next big conquest.

To the skeptics, who are finding it difficult to believe, Amit Shah has hard facts of conquests to show. From north to south, west to east the party is growing and growing. He sees no reason as to why Bengal will shy away from political change and not be a part of the development as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ushered in all over the country.

Calling Mamata Banerjee's appeasement policy 'shameless', BJP chief Amit Shah said that people were fed up of the politics of discrimination under Trinamool Congress' rule. "Here too a change will come", he added, hinting at BJP's resurgence in West Bengal. And if more and more people are in the BJP fold, it's because they see hope under Narendra Modi's leadership.

Equipped with fact and figures as opposed to the claims of the incumbent Trinamool Congress government, Shah was at ease puncturing holes into tall claims by Mamata Banerjee that Bengal is topping the list in overall development.

He said the situation in Bengal has worsened further after Trinamool Congress took over. "It's a shame that Bengal has no factory other than those of making bombs. West Bengal has failed to stop inflow of fake currencies, infiltration. It's sad that instead of Rabindrasangeet, we get to hear explosion of bombs," he added.

Refuting Mamata's allegation that Centre is not giving the dues of the state, he said as against the 13th Finance Commission's allotment of Rs 1.3 lakh crore, the 14th Finance Commission under NDA government has allotted Rs 2.8 lakh crore.