Amit Shah on Nawab Malik's vaccine comment & Bengal elections | Frankly Speaking

In this episode of Frankly Speaking, the most awaited election season's chat has finally taken place with Union Home Minister Amit Shah taking the hot seat. From Bengal elections to rallies to the COVID crisis in the country, HM Amit Shah opens up on all the subjects and presents an insider view. Union Home Minister Amit Shah also responds to the comments made by Pakistan's Former PM Nawab Malik on PM Modi's photo on the vaccine receipt. Union Home Minister states that COVID vaccination is a drive and is obvious that the picture will be of the Prime Minister of the country and not of the leaders of the opposition. He further comments on the ongoing assembly elections in West Bengal and states that the BJP is confident of forming a government. Reacting to the allegations levelled by Mamata Banerjee on BJP rigging the EVM, Amit Shah states that they are aware of what Janata wants. #FranklySpeakingWithShah