Amit Shah Learning Tamil, Bengali to Convey BJP’s ‘Achhe Din’ Message to Tamil Nadu, West Bengal News Desk
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Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017: BJP President Amit Shah Says Development Will Translate Into More Votes

Amit Shah told the business community of the state that in the months to come, their problems regarding GST will end. He said GST was a big economic reform and the problems faced by the community was teething troubles.

New Delhi, Nov 21: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national president Amit Shah, who gets credit of scripting party’s historic victory in 2014 Lok Sabha election and Assembly polls in Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand and Assam, is now learning Tamil, Bengali, Assamese and Manipuri languages to convey party’s ‘achhe din’ message to Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Assam and Manipur. Under the leadership of Amit Shah, the BJP has been making efforts to expand its footprints in states where it had no major presence.

Professional teachers have been appointed to teach Amit Shah Tamil, Bengali, Assamese and Manipuri languages. The BJP president has learnt enough Bengali and Tamil to engage in conversations in those languages and now working on fluency, said a Times of India report. Shah, who speaks ‘Sishta Hindi’ despite having been in Gujarat for most of his life, has also become a student of Indian classical music.

“To expand the BJP’s base in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and other states, Amitbhai has started taking formal tuitions in Bengali and Tamil. He is learning Bengali and Tamil to directly reach out to people of the two states, with the aim to form governments there,” a key source close to Amit Shah was quoted as saying in the report. To have some peace after running BJP’s poll campaign relentlessly, Shah relies on yoga and Indian classical music.

Amit Shah reportedly learnt ‘Sishta Hindi’ while he was in jail and over the two-year period when he was barred by a court from entering Gujarat. “Before becoming the BJP president, Amitbhai toured the country and visited all major religious sites. He wanted insights into political, social, and religious cultures,” the source said. This helped Shah during Uttar Pradesh elections and in his push to take the BJP to the Northeast, he added.