Amid Reports of Side Effects, Bharat Biotech Issues Fact Sheet for Who Should Avoid Getting Covaxin

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Bharat Biotech on Tuesday issued a set of cautionary guidelines for people with certain conditions who, it said, should consult with their vaccine provider and preferably avoid getting the Covaxin shot.

A fact sheet shared on the company's website said those suffering from allergies, fever, or a bleeding disorder, among other conditions, should take advice from their doctor/vaccine provider, and possibly steer clear of taking the Covaxin shot.

The guidelines issued by Bharat Biotech.

People who are immunocompromised (or are receiving a medicine that affects their immune system), pregnant, and breastfeeding women have also been advised against getting vaccinated by Covaxin.

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Those who have received another Covid-19 vaccine already should also not receive the jab, the fact sheet has said.

"Individuals who are prioritised under the public health program of the ministry of health and family welfare, will be covered under this endeavour. Informing the individuals about the offer for a vaccination with Covaxin will rest with the respective government program officials. Those offered Covaxin at pre-specified booths will have the options to receive or reject administration of the vaccine," the document has further specified, on the eligibility of those to receive the vaccine.

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The guidelines have come days into the government's nationwide vaccination program, even as some cases of adverse reactions and a few deaths (not confirmed whether related to receiving the vaccine) are being reported.

A total of 3,81,305 beneficiaries have so far been vaccinated, said the government on Monday. It added that 580 adverse events following immunisation were also reported in the country.

"A total of 3,81,305 beneficiaries have so far been vaccinated (till 5 pm on Monday) as per provisional reports," an official said.

Of the 1,48,266 beneficiaries who were administered the vaccine on Monday, 8,656 were from Bihar, 1,822 from Assam, 36,888 from Karnataka, 7,070 from Kerala, 6,665 from Madhya Pradesh, 7,628 from Tamil Nadu, 10,352 from Telangana, 11,588 from West Bengal, and 311 were from Delhi.