Amid anti-CAA-NRC protests, Pak Hindu migrant set to contest polls after receiving Indian citizenship

While controversy over CAA rages across the country and rallies are being taken out against and in its favour; Nita Kanwar Sodha a Hindu migrant from Pakistan who got Indian citizenship just 5 months back in September 2019, is contesting elections for the post of sarpanch from the Natwada village in Tonk district.

Nita came to India along with her sister Anjali in 2001 to live with her uncle Nakhat Singh Sodha in Jodhpur, while her parents and brother stayed back in Pakistan.

“As per the rules, I had applied for Indian citizenship seven years after coming to India. But my file was rejected 2 – 3 times. It was twelve years after applying that I got citizenship,” said Nita speaking to FPJ on the phone.

Meanwhile, Nita who is a graduate from the Sophia College, Ajmer, was married to Punya Pratap Karan of Narwada, Tonk in 2011. “We belong to the Sodha Rajput clan from Pakistan and girls from our clan are married in India as there are no other Rajput clans there,” she said.

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With the encouragement of her father in law, she is contesting elections for the post of sarpanch. This will also be her first time to vote. “I want to give back to the society and work for the development of all, especially women. People in the village, especially women are supporting me. My Pakistan origins do not matter. I am the daughter in law of the village and they accept me one of them,” added Nita.

Her father in law Lakshman Singh is a two-time sarpanch from Natwada village and has been instrumental in encouraging Nita to contest the elections. “Politics needs new blood and young people who can bring a change. I have high expectations from my daughter in law and my blessings are with her that she performs well,” said Lakshman Karan Rathore Singh.

Natwada village goes to polls on Friday, January 17 and Nita faces a challenge from seven other contestants.

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