'American Idol' Blog Just Leaked the Top 20 Contestant List

Kayla Keegan

From Good Housekeeping

Quick, look away if you'd rather not know who makes it into the top 20 ahead of this week's new American Idol episodes.

Just like last year, the Idol-centric blog Idol Pad is back at it again sharing (alleged) spoilers regarding who in the top 40 makes it out of the showcase at the Disney Aulani Resort in Hawaii and into the top 20 slot. The blog claims that when the episodes were shot in late January, it received special tips about what went down from crew members, contestants, family members, and fans. Though Idol Pad bloggers recognize that there could be an "incorrect conclusion" based on what their "sources" are telling them, they are confident that their list is correct.

Of course, the question becomes ... can we trust that Idol Pad's spoilers are real? While we can't definitively say one way or another until the competition show reveals its top 20 contestants officially, it's important to note that Idol Pad was accurate last year, so take that for what it's worth.

Alright, now for the moment you've been scrolling for, here are the (supposed) American Idol top 20 contestants of the 2020 season:

  • Aliana Jester
  • Cyniah Elise
  • Faith Becnel
  • Grace Leer
  • Julia Gargano
  • Kimmy Gabriela
  • Lauren Mascitti
  • Lauren Spencer Smith
  • Makayla Phillips
  • Olivia Ximines
  • Just Sam
  • Sophia Wackerman
  • DeWayne Crocker, Jr.
  • Dibesh Pokharel (Arthur Gunn)
  • Dillon James
  • Franklin Boone
  • Jonny West
  • Jovin Webb
  • Louie Knight
  • Nick Merico
  • Francisco Martin

Based on this list (which, again, cannot be confirmed at this time), it looks like there could actually be 21 performers this year instead of 20. The standouts include former America's Got Talent season 13 contestant Makayla Phillips, American Juniors's Grace Leer, Sunday's Best: Race to the Stage winner DeWayne Crocker, Jr., and fan favorite Dibesh Pokharel (a.k.a. Arthur Gunn). Unfortunately, according to Idol Pad's notes at least, that means the end of the road may be near for Makayla Brownlee, Perrin York, and several other crazy-talented performers.

Even if everything Idol Pad says is going to happen winds up happening, it's still more than worth it to keep tuning in to see all the contestants' performances. Plus, who knows, maybe Idol Pad will end up being off — you'll just have to watch (on Sunday, March 29 and Monday, March 30) to find out for sure.

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