American evangelist's Bengaluru event cancelled after she's accused of flouting visa rules, trying to convert

American evangelist Donna Schambach has been forced to cancel her event in Bengaluru after VHP leader Girish Bhardwaj lodged a complaint alleging that she had violated visa rules.

Schambach, along with two others - Patricia King and Apostle P S Rama Babu, was supposed to hold a programme called the Power and Reality of the Kingdom on Saturday and Sunday in Bengaluru.

In his complaint, Bhardwaj said that Schambach and her evangelist colleagues had violated visa rules, which clearly state that "no visas will be issued to evangelists who desire to propagate their religion in the country. The Government of India will not issue visas to evangelists who desire to come to India to attend religious campaigns."

Bhardwaj has alleged that Schambach and Patricia King clearly misled the Indian consulate and obtained visas by stating that they were coming to India to attend a "conference."


Speaking to India Today, Bhardhwaj said that the use of the word "harvest" itself indicated that they were here for conversion.

The first complaint was filed by Girish Bhardwaj, while the youth wing of the Bajrang Dal lodged another.

A massive protest was planned but the Bangalore police took cognisance of the complaint and denied permission to hold the meeting.


Schambach in her tweet had said, "Amazing 2 days of harvest with Apostle Ram Babu and Patricia King in the interior of India. With Apostle Ram babu and his son Ankit. Close to 8000 souls in two days."

Soon after the protests began, Donna deleted her tweets.

When we contacted one of the organisers on the phone, they did not want to come on record, but said that the event had been cancelled due to unknown reasons.

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