American Airlines Passenger's Huge Blister Pops in Miami-Bound Flight, Blood Splatters on Fellow Passengers and Flight Wall! (View Pics)

Team Latestly

Incidents of passengers creating a ruckus on flights might have become an everyday affair these days, but medical emergencies leaving a mess onboard is quite rare.  In one of the most recent cases of mishaps, a woman had a big blister burst leaving blood sprayed on fellow passengers, books and flight walls. The incident took place in one of the American Airlines flights to Miami leaving the fellow passengers horrified. Passengers shared pictures of bloodstains on their books and plane walls and windows. WATCH VIRAL VIDEO: Drunk Passenger Kicked Out of Flight for Spitting on Child, Because She Didn’t Want to Sit Next to a ‘F*****g 3-Year-Old’. 

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In fact, South Florida talk show host, Andy Slater took to Twitter to share with his followers, details about the disturbing incident. His tweet has been receiving a lot of traction ever since it was posted. He wrote on Twitter: "Bloody mess on my flight to Miami. Woman in aisle seat has a blister on her foot pop. Blood splatters across aisle, including on the two guys in front of me, one of their books, and the window. Flight attendant says @MiamiDadeFire will have to meet flight."

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He also updated that the woman was barefoot and was wearing flip-flops.

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Slater later shared a video of paramedics entering the flight to have the situation under control.

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Here's another tweet from Slater that shows that the flight was on its way to Nashville after that and was 30 minutes late.

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According to reports, the American Airlines staff handled the situation well and made sure that the woman was provided with medical aid immediately.