American Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing to Deplane Unruly Passenger

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An American Airlines flight to Chicago from Los Angeles had to make an emergency landing at Albuquerque after an inebriated passenger created a ruckus on the plane. The young male passenger was detained by the police after the flight was diverted to Albuquerque, New Mexico. The disruptive passenger allegedly kicked the seat, assaulted a flight attendant and removed his trousers, according to reports.

The incident occurred on January 15.

An American Airlines spokesperson said that American Airlines flight 967 had to be landed in Albuquerque due to the passenger’s behaviour. The flight again took off at 3.58 MT (Mountain Time Zone) after the man was deplaned. An ESPN reporter, Crystina Poncher, tweeted about the incident, though later she deleted the tweet.

“We just had to land the plane in New Mexico to remove an unruly passenger,” tweeted Poncher who was one of several passengers who missed their connections in Chicago.

Such incidents are not uncommon, as recently in January, a group of passengers of Air India’s Boeing 747 allegedly threatened to break open the entrance of the cockpit after a flight bound to Mumbai from Delhi got delayed by almost five hours due to technical issues.