American Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Unruly Man Lights a Joint Scaring Passengers (Watch Video)

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An American Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing on Friday after a passenger decided to smoke weed mid-air. The man began to misbehave on the plane from Arizona to Minnesota forcing the pilot to land. The suspect allegedly told co-passengers he was on cocaine and then locked himself in the plane's bathroom. He then came out and light marijuana in the cabin much to the shock and worry of passengers. Video of the man lighting a joint was captured on phone cameras by multiple passengers sitting in the back rows. The clip has now gone viral on social media. Drunk Woman Creates Chaos in Ukrainian Airline With Her Racist Rants, Hits Passengers, Video Goes Viral.

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When the man was out of the lavatory, a flight attendant approached him. On being questioned he can be seen lighting a joint. Eventually, an hour into the flight,  the pilot announced that there was "a security issue in the back". The flight was then diverted to Denver in Colorado. Reportedly, the pilot was heard asking the first 13 rows of passengers to exit the plane as he punched a flyer when they attempted to exit. He was then handcuffed by police who placed him on a stretcher when he was heard screaming, "Take it off, it hurts. I'll f***ing kill you!" Air New Zealand Kicks Out Female Passenger Who Refused to Heed Safety Instructions.

Man Smokes A Joint Inside An American Airlines Flight:

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A spokesperson for American Airlines confirmed to Fox News on Saturday that Flight 2408 was diverted due to a "disruptive passenger". The representative thanked the flight crew for taking care of the other passengers during the incident and handling the situation well. The plane departed for Minneapolis two hours later. This is not the first time someone tried to smoke on a flight. Airlines impose strict action on individuals who try to smoke on flights. Carrying inflammable objects on planes is barred by law. Earlier this year, a man on a Minneapolis-bound Spirit Airlines flight was caught on camera smoking a cigarette. On landing, cops had taken him away.