AMD plans to release security patches to fix some of the flaws that CTS Labs discovered last week


Chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices Inc said on Tuesday it planned to release patches to fix some of the flaws in its microprocessors pointed out by CTS Labs last week.

Image: Advanced Micro Devices

Image: Advanced Micro Devices

Israeli cybersecurity research firm CTS Labs in its report said the attackers would need administrative access to exploit the vulnerabilities.

"Any attacker gaining unauthorized administrative access would have a wide range of attacks at their disposal well beyond the exploits identified in this research," the chipmaker said on Tuesday.

Two days before the research was made public, short selling of AMD's stock increased by about 15 million shares, according to S3 Partners, a financial analytics firm.

CTS executives had told Reuters that they shared their findings with some clients who pay the firm for proprietary research on vulnerabilities in computer hardware.

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