Paramedic branded 'dumbass' by angry resident during call-out - for blocking their driveway

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An ambulance crew in Hampshire were shocked to find the abusive note stuck to the windscreen of their vehicle (PA/GETTY)

An ambulance driver responding to an emergency call-out described how they were branded a ‘dumbass’ - for blocking an angry resident’s drive.

Paramedics from the South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) attended an incident in Lymington, Hampshire, when they found the fuming note on their windscreen.

The brief disgruntled missive read: “Dumbass! You are totally blocking my driveway!”

Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, UK - June 17th 2019: East of England Ambulance Service NHS Emergency Ambulance
Paramedics often receive angry letters from residents complaining about blocked driveways (GETTY)

Following the shocking incident, SCAS posted a picture of the note to social media.

The service wrote on Facebook: “Sadly, this was what Zoe and Chris came back to on their ambulance after attending a medical emergency in Lymington, Hampshire, today.

“This sort of abuse is completely unacceptable. When our staff attend medical emergencies, they need to park as close as possible to the patient’s house in order to get to them and start treatment as quickly as possible.

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“Whilst they will always try and park without obstructing traffic or anyone’s driveway, it’s not always possible as the alternative of parking further away could add minutes to their arrival time that the patient they’ve been sent to simply doesn’t have.”

Members of the public commented on the post to show support for the ambulance crew.

One user, Jackie Hood, wrote: "Makes me ashamed to live in Lymington - welcome to block my drive anytime."

EDITORS NOTE LANGUAGE ON NOTE Undated handout photo issued by South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust of a note left on an ambulance windscreen while responding to a medical emergency in Lymington, Hampshire.
South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust released a picture of the note to social media (PA)

Ellen Taylor posted: “Unbelievable just hope that person is never the emergency they might be more understanding and compassionate. You all do a job for which most of us are incapable of doing. Thank you for all you do.”

The incident is the latest example of paramedics receiving abusive notes while carrying out their duties.

In August of this year, an abusive message branded a paramedic a "blind idiot" in Luton, warning: "Don't ever park in front of my driveway".

And earlier in November, paramedics attending an emergency call-out in Southend found an angry note left on their ambulance, telling them "you can't block people's driveways".

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