What Ambika Anand Would Wear If She Was a Smart, Thrifty Bride

Thrifty Shadi Mantras...

Don’t have a fling with bling – accumulate money instead for vacationing.

Don’t squander on a day – you have a lifetime to love and wander.

Thrifty and happy is the new sexy and sassy.

You are the bride and you will be in the spotlight regardless of the tag on your choli so if you’re not wearing a designer, please don’t feel denied. Getting your wedding outfit does not equal overspending or taking a loan.

Beg, borrow, steal:

Each is usually a sin but not when you are digging into mumma’s attic for a vintage piece. Think sustainability and recycling and just look into your Mom’s closet for some brocade or Kanjeevaram or Patola or just a temple sari – I am sure Rekha would approve, especially if you team it with some heirloom temple jewellery. You can style yourself and look like the protagonist of a Raw Mango Instagram post

Raid your mum’s trunk and you too could look like this.
Or this.

The thought of that dream lehenga for your wedding is so ingrained in our pysche that we really need that push to think out of the box. Be original, be on budget, and be creative.

If you want to replicate the Maharani Gayatri Devi look for you wedding, or in other words, if Royal is your vibe, then visit Rana’s and Rukhmani’s in Jaipur and stock up on Chiffon saris with embroidery on them or the traditional Phushak.

A pearl necklace is perfect to replicate the Gayatri Devi look and has high repeat value, especially when you occupy that corner office.

Those pearls will give you the royal factor.

If you still desperately want to wear a designer lehenga without having to sell your family real estate, then consider renting a designer outfit and jewellery. But be prepared to be unemotional and non-possessive about the clothes. There is stage3.co or www.rentacloset.com or www.flyrobe.com – here is a disclaimer, I have never used any of them, though I wish I had.

When you can rent, why sell your real estate for a lehenga?

I also think that we need to skip the route of the traditional outfits and opt for something cool and practical with an Indian bent and high repeat value. I could recommend a sari dress by Rashmi Varma with silver jewellery from Amrapali for the traditional and Outhouse jewellery for the edgy. I think the time has come to say goodbye to the petticoats and veils.

Who wouldn’t want to get married this red sari?
Have your jewels and your vacation too.
You can spend less and still look this good.

Lastly, remember to be happy because happy girls make for the prettiest brides. Let Padma Lakshmi’s smile inspire you – but if you are not confident about showing your teeth, then visit a dentist and get veneers to perfect your smile because a picture of your smile will reflect that you enjoyed your wedding more than just your outfit..

Padma Lakshm’s simple look says it all.

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