Amber Rose re-creates 'Psycho' shower scene to sell sex toys

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Amber Rose re-creates 'Psycho' shower scene to sell sex toys
Amber Rose has a Psycho moment, but it’s all done in fun — or pleasure. (Image: Amber Rose via Instagram)

Amber Rose has put a decidedly modern take on an old classic.

The headline-generating model, 34, remade the famed shower scene from the 1960 horror flick Psycho, something that has been done many times before. Only here’s the catch — her version is an ad for a sex toy.

Rose is getting her loofah on in the shower when in the shadows comes someone wielding a pink vibrator, the Ina Wave, from the brand Lelo. Unlike Janet Leigh’s Marion Crane, Rose was happy for the special delivery. “Ah, thank you,” she purrs. “I was looking for that.”

Of course, the real shower scene from Psycho is one of the most iconic in all of movie history. (Last year, there was an entire documentary just on that scene.) Helmed by Alfred Hitchcock, 78 different camera angles were used to film it. And Leigh’s character didn’t have a, well, happy ending.

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