Ambassador Daniel Smith appointed as Charge d'Affaires at US Embassy in New Delhi

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Ambassador Daniel Smith
Ambassador Daniel Smith

Washington [US], May 1 (ANI): Ambassador Daniel Smith, the former US acting Secretary of State, has been appointed as Charge d'Affaires at United States embassy in New Delhi.

The state department on Friday said that Ambassador Smith's appointment "underscores the United States' strong commitment to our partnership with the Government of India and the Indian people."

"Ambassador Daniel Smith, the Director of the Foreign Service Institute who recently served as acting Secretary of State and Acting Deputy Secretary of State, will be departing for New Delhi to serve as Charge d'Affaires, ad interim. Ambassador Smith carries the highest Foreign Service rank of Career Ambassador," the state department said in a statement.

The state department said that Smith will spearhead close cooperation with India to ensure that our countries continue to advance our shared priorities, including overcoming the global pandemic.

"The United States stands in solidarity with India, and Ambassador Smith is committed to working together with India in partnership," the statement read. (ANI)