Amazon Rainforest Fires: Indigenous Brazilian Woman Cries in Anger Pointing at Forest Burning Behind Her (Watch Video)

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Fires spread across the Amazon rainforest in northern Brazil is among one of the most discussed topics across countries today. Amidst various accusations and allegations levied on government and authorities, video of an indigenous Brazilian woman crying over the raging fire has gone viral on social media. In the video, the woman can be seen sobbing angrily pointing at the fire which is burning down her land. According to experts, Amazon is burning majorly due to deforestation for the lumber industry, agriculture or other human activities. Amazon Rainforest Fires Visible From Space! NASA Shares Devastating Images of Smoke as Brazil Forests Burn at 'Record Rate'.

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The Pataxó woman says, "For two years we've fought to preserve (our reservation) and these a**holes came in and burned it down. They are killing our rivers, our sources of life, and now they have set our reserve on fire. Tomorrow we are closing the roads and I want all the media here to see this." Amazon Rainforest Fires: Brazil's Largest City of Sau Paulo Turns Dark During Daytime Due to Smoke, Check Scary Pics and Video.

Here is the Video:

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With thousands protesting in Brazil and Europe demanding action from the government, Amazon is going to be among topics of discussion during the G7 meeting in Biarritz, southern France. Locals are of the opinion that fires were started on purpose to make space for cattle ranches to boost Brazil's economy which is currently going through a tough time. However, fires show no signs of stopping is burning down the biggest forestland on the Earth. Amazon Rainforest Fires: In The Blame-game Between Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and NGOs, What Really Caused This Massive Wildfire?

Watch the Video Below:

As international pressure mounts on President Jair Bolsonaro to put out the fire, the government has decided to deploy military troops to the area. They will use aircraft capable of dumping upto 12,000 litres of water on fires. Defence Minister Fernando Azevedo said that some 44,000 troops will be available for 'unprecedented' operations to put out the fires. The forces are heading to four Brazilian states which have asked for help. Meanwhile, celebrities, influential people and commoners have taken to social media demanding the government and responsible organisation to bring the fire under control.