Amazon driver caught chucking package on the floor after failing to deliver parcel because owners were out

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK

This is the moment a disgruntled Amazon driver was caught throwing a parcel to the ground after the recipient missed his delivery slot.

Paul Turley, 40, ordered decorating equipment from Amazon Prime but was running late to get home from work for the delivery.

But when the shopper logged into his home CCTV camera from his desk, he was shocked to discover the driver - who was unable to make a delivery - lift his parcel above his head.

The footage then shows the angry driver throw it angrily towards the floor, before picking it up and tossing it once again, into the back of his van.

Mr Turley's mangled package after he discovered the Amazon delivery driver had aggressively thrown it to the floor (SWNS)

Mr Turley said he immediately contacted Amazon who issued him with £5 credit to use on the website and sent the delivery driver back to apologise.

The account manager from Bournemouth said: "I only live five minutes from work, so I thought I'd switch on my CCTV cameras to see if I'd missed the delivery or not.

"When I saw the delivery driver arrive, I was annoyed that I hadn't made it back in time, but I never expected to see what I did!

"I couldn't believe the reaction I was seeing.

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"Thankfully, I knew it was my paint rollers in there so they would be ok, but if it was anything more fragile, it'd be a different story.

"I've had parcels arrive looking a little worse for wear before, and now I think I know why!"

Amazon said it was taking the matter “very seriously” - but the customer says he has now lost trust in the company.

Paul said: "I've been a customer of Amazon Prime for a solid three years now, and I don't expect such horrendous treatment from a service I pay for.

Mr Turley says he has "lost confidence" in Amazon after witnessing a delivery driver damaging his parcel (SWNS)

"I get around 15 deliveries a month from Amazon - I've always used them, I have things set up for order once a month and have always found it very convenient to use.

"Since receiving this atrocious service, I have been seriously considering cancelling my membership - it's just not acceptable."

A spokesman for Amazon said: "We have very high standards for our delivery service providers and expect every package to be handled with care.

"We are taking this matter seriously."