Amanda Holden warns fans not to fall for diet company 'scam'

Julia Hunt

Amanda Holden poses for photographers upon arrival at the British Academy Television Awards' in London, Sunday, May 8, 2016. (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

Amanda Holden has warned her fans not be taken in by a company using her name to sell diet products.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge, 48, shared a link to an advert from a business called Keto Pure, which claims she is behind a slimming line.

The star told her two million followers on Twitter that it is a “scam” and that she has not teamed up with Keto Pure or given them permission to use her name.

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The fake advert claims mum-of-two Holden has been developing the “highly potent and effective diet and wellness products” for two years, as a solution for people who don’t want to resort to plastic surgery, expensive meal plans, or endless hours in the gym.

It even contains a quote apparently from the TV star, saying it was a “ridiculously easy way to lose weight” and that she wants “every woman to be confident about her figure”.

“The modern woman simply doesn’t have the resources, be it time, money, or both, to maintain the body she had in her twenties,” the quote says.

Holden tweeted: “I have been made aware that a company is using my name (amongst many others) to sell a Keto Diet.

“I have not given consent for this and have no partnership with this company.

“This is a scam!!

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“So please be careful and do not sign up to this as they will take your money.”

Ketogenic diets are based on the principle of eating a high amount of fats and a low amount of carbohydrates, with a moderate amount of protein.

The diet has become popular in recent years, with celebrities such as Jenna Jameson and Kim Kardashian among those said to be giving it a go.