I Am Suing Bacchu Kadu, Dharamji Wanted to Hit Him: Hema Malini

Just when we thought that the unsavoury remarks of a publicity-seeking legislator, who accused Hema Malini of drinking “daily” was buried and forgotten, the fiery never-say-die actress-parliamentarian drops a  bomb. Hema Malini has decided to drag  Bacchu Kadu to court. When  I contacted her for a confirmation the actress-politician spoke angrily about the whole controversy.

Hema Malini, Actor & MPInitially I decided to keep quiet about this man’s antics because I didn’t want to give him what he wanted:  publicity. But then everyone close to me thought  it was wrong to let him get away with it. In fact Dharamji (Hema Malini’s husband, actor Dharmendra) was so  angry he wanted to hit the man. Another dear friend Shatrughan Sinha who spoke to you, also expressed extreme annoyance at this gentleman’s doing. My daughters and my sons-in-law  also didn’t want this man to get away with it.

MLA Bacchu Kadu is in trouble for making remarks about Hema Malini. (Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@RealBacchuKadu)

Keeping in view the outrage felt by people around her who she trusts, Hema has now decided to take legal action against Bacchu.

Hema MaliniI’ve consulted my legal team and we’re all set to take him to court. He will have to issue  a public apology. Failing that we’ll file  a criminal defamation case.

The actress adds that being a public figure, it’s a constant tussle to ignore such attention seekers or take them seriously.

Hema MaliniIf you react to every person who uses your name, that’s all you will be doing. On the other hand, if you ignore such people, they’re encouraged to try their tricks on others too. So what do you do?